Friday, December 28, 2007: (The Holy Innocents)

Jesus said: “My people, today’s feast is in memory of all the infants up to two years old that were killed by Herod’s decree in Bethlehem. This was Herod’s attempt to kill Me after the Magi refused to tell him where I was born. Today, there are other innocents being killed in the womb by abortion. In some instances abortions have become the last resort birth control where having children is either an embarrassment or an inconvenience to take care of another child. There are many sins of fornication and adultery going on in America outside of the marriage bed. Living together without marriage is a sinful lifestyle and this flaunts their sin in My face because it is a deliberate sin against My Sixth Commandment. This sexual sin is compounded when any conceived children are aborted. Even among married couples there are sins of using birth control devices which are the precursor for abortions to control family size. The marriage act needs to be always open to birth and the Church only allows Natural Family Planning methods without birth control devices. Some married couples also have abortions thinking they cannot afford another child. All abortions kill innocent life, and they are the same as murder in My eyes. They will require a heavy payment to make reparation for the worst of sins. I still will forgive such a sin, but do not put yourself in these situations that could tempt you to have abortions. Better to have the children and give them up for adoption than have an abortion. Having children should be the product of a loving environment without any intent to kill them out of inconvenience. Life is too precious to kill, so follow My laws to avoid birth control, prostitution, fornication, or adultery that could lead to abortions. When you live a life of love according to My laws of love, then there can be true peace among everyone, especially in this Christmas Season.”
Jesus said: “My people, do not get so comfortable with your home and your belongings that you cannot leave them in a minute’s notice. I am showing you how quickly a chance storm could ruin your home and all that you own. Everything of this world is temporary, and will be gone tomorrow. This is why you should not be so attached to your possessions that you cannot let them go. A time is coming in the tribulation when you will have to leave everything behind and flee to a refuge to save your life and protect your soul. Have no fear of this time because I will be at your side to provide for all of your needs, both spiritual and physical. Do not just accumulate things for your own benefit, but be willing to share all that you have with others. It is your love in charity to help others that will help balance off the punishment due for your sins.”