Wednesday, December 26, 2007: (St. Stephen)

Jesus said: “My people, when you believe in Me and follow My Commandments, you will always be faced with persecution. The world and the body loves comforts and pleasures that can be unlawful. The spirit of the soul searches for the love of its Creator, and to follow My Will. This is why even in each person there is a battle going on between the spirit and the flesh. The devil has prodded people to start wars for profit and for gain in property. Do not be misled, but search for the truth and eternal life instead of following anything of the world which is temporary and passing away. Those, who come to Me in faith, will be set free of their sins when they ask for My forgiveness. Be satisfied with your lot in this life because you are seeking to be with Me in heaven in the next life after death. Spread the peace and joy of My Gospel message of love to all nations, as you strive to save souls from going to hell. Repent now, for now is the acceptable time to be saved.”
Jesus said: “My people, the one world people are masters of deceit and they have created many deliberate atrocities in order to stir up people into fighting a war. They profit from selling arms to both sides and they make money from your taxpayers on the interest from your war debts. These are some of their slogans: Remember the Maine, Remember the Alamo, Remember the Luisitania, Remember Pearl Harbor, and Remember the Twin Towers. All of these wars were planned and contrived by these same evil men. I am warning you about this now, because you are about to see another made up reason for war which could trigger the very martial law that they want to declare for their takeover. When you see such an event, you should be prepared to call on My protection with My angels, and be ready to leave for safety at My refuges.”