Monday, December 31, 2007: (New Year’s Eve Mass)

Jesus said: “My people, receive My Blessed Mother and I into your hearts as we share our love and joy with all of you. I am calling all of My children to be loving in every situation that you find yourself. At times you try to be generous with your gifts to people, but you may have your own strings attached to them. If someone does not share your enthusiasm with your gift, and they wish to change it or reject it, do not be offended by their attitude without much gratitude for your efforts. Be loving of the receiver of your gift and try to accommodate their wishes. At other times you may see people presume upon your generosity without asking you first. You may also give gifts to the poor and at times they do not acknowledge your sacrifice and they may not thank you. Even if people do not acknowledge your good intentions, I see all of the intentions in your heart and I thank you on their behalf. Even if someone takes advantage of your kindness, be always loving in these trying situations. You give from a generous heart, so do not let your damaged pride interfere with your loving heart for everyone. Love one another and your Lord, even as you wish others to love you.”