Monday, September 24, 2007

Jesus said: “My people, this light from the candle and the sunlight all represent Me as the Light of the World.  My words are true and the Truth of My Good News will set you free of your sins.  Focus on My Light of faith, and the Gospel tells you not to put a bushel basket over this Light, but to witness to My Light of truth.  Do not be embarrassed to share your faith with others, but be willing to shout it from the roof tops without any fear of criticism or persecution.  You have a deep love for Me, and it is your mission to share this fervor of love with your neighbor.  You know of the threat of Satan to souls, and you need to reach out to save them from hell by your evangelization efforts.  Be prepared to say your grace before meals in restaurants.  Be able to speak out against abortion, living together, and homosexual acts.  All of these stands are not popular in society, but you need to be more spiritually correct in your actions, instead of the world’s politically correct which would have you be silent on the subject of religion.  You cannot be quiet about your love for Me if you aspire to sainthood in heaven.  Many saints spoke out in defense of their faith, even when it meant that they could be martyred for doing so.  Anything, that you suffer for spreading My Kingdom on earth, will bring you a great reward in heaven.”
Jesus said: “My people, this old cash register is to show you the evolution of your money.  Originally, your money was gold and silver which had an intrinsic value of its own.  You then went to gold and silver paper certificates.  This became a Federal note or promise to pay without any real value tied to it.  You then developed checks, charge cards, and now smart cards.  The chips in the body will be next as you are now controlled by your money instead of you controlling the money.  This is how the central bankers have come to own your government through its debts and over budget spending.  You have gone from bartering with real money to owed money with no backing and a freedom for the bankers to print as much money as they want and similar uncontrolled credit.  It is no wonder that you have inflation with the dollar losing value as your debts exceed your assets.  Now you know how much you are already controlled by the central bankers and how they control your government by the purse strings.  Refuse to take any chips in your body that could control your mind, even if the authorities take all of your money or threaten to kill you.  This will be the mark of the beast mentioned in the Scriptures.  When they make it mandatory for chips in the body, it will be time to go to the refuges.  This transition to total control of your buying and selling is very near, so be prepared to leave at any time.”