Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Jesus said: “My people, in the first reading you have read how the people were directed by God and King Darius to reconstruct the temple in Jerusalem after they returned from exile back to Israel.  In the Holy of Holies sanctuary they stored the Ark of the Covenant with the Ten Commandments from Moses, and the Torah.  This is where the priests gave incense every day.  Today, in your churches, you have another Holy of Holies in My tabernacles that contain My Real Presence in the Hosts of My Blessed Sacrament.  When you come to daily Mass or visit My Blessed Sacrament, you are also giving Me praise and glory, even as the angels and saints sing My praises constantly in heaven.  Every day is a gift to you, so thank Me for your very life and the opportunity to do more good deeds to serve Me for My greater glory.  I love all of you so much, and when you come together at daily Mass, you are sharing your love with Me and your neighbor.  Also in the Gospel I said blessed are those who hear the Word of God and act on it.  So My faithful must reach out to all sinners in all the nations to bring them My Good News, and invite them to conversion of their sins.  Saving souls should be your first priority.”
Jesus said: “My people, you know that I want to help everyone to have an opportunity to be saved and come to heaven.  The coming Warning experience is an example of My mercy to show everyone their sinful ways and to show them how to turn around their lives.  You will see Me at a mini-judgment and I will let you know that you can only come to heaven through Me.  Some will be sorrowful for offending Me, and they will seek out a priest to confess their sins.  I have told you before that everyone will be warned not to take the mark of the beast, or a computer chip in your body.  Also, you are not  to worship the Antichrist because it is against My First Commandment.  Now you are asking how will people know enough to seek out refuges during this time of evil.  I will offer everyone an opportunity to call on Me for protection.  I will not force their free will, but help will be available in your guardian angels to lead you to places of refuge to protect you from the evil ones.  People will have to put their faith and trust in Me and I will do the impossible for each person who believes in Me.”