Sunday, September 30, 2007: (Rich man Divies, Lazarus)

Jesus said: “My people, all of you have free will and you have a choice to either serve Me or serve yourself.  In this generation of riches in America you are blessed with plenty of food, and an abundance of comforts in your heating, cooling, transportation, and many electronic devices.  But these things of the world should not become goals, priorities, or idols in themselves.  You are stewards of all of your accumulated wealth and possessions, but you have responsibilities for all of My gifts in that you use them correctly for My glory.  Do not pride yourself in your accomplishments and rewards for your works, but thank Me for all the skills that you have and the opportunities to have jobs to pay your bills.  There are many people in this world who are poor like Lazarus and they are in need of your help to have the necessities of life to survive.  So be willing to serve Me in charity as well as your neighbor, and do not be selfish with your physical treasure or your spiritual gifts of faith.  Any charity of time or money, that you share with others, is like giving Me thanks for all the gifts that I have given you.  Give freely of what you have, and you will gain a greater treasure in heaven for your kindness and thoughtfulness.  Be a cheerful giver and do not give charity expecting anything in return.  I assure you if you are repaid on earth, it will diminish any gain of treasure in heaven.  Do everything out of love for Me, and this love will flow over into loving your neighbor.”