Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wednesday, September 23, 2015: (St. Padre Pio)
Jesus said: “My son, in today’s Gospel I told you how I sent My disciples out to preach My Good News to all the nations. I instructed them not to take any money or a second tunic with them, because they were worthy of being housed and fed by virtue of their mission. They were to be totally dependent on Me, and on the hospitality of the people who they met. I even told them to shake the dust from their feet of those people who rejected My Word as testimony against them. You, My son, are also sent out to spread My messages to many places in America. You also travel with a small amount of luggage of one bag, and your books and DVDs. You depend on Me also to bring you to your speaking places, as well as on the people to put you up with lodging, and provide your meals and transportation costs. I told you that you would be seeing more trials in your travels. You have seen planes miss their connections, persecution against you, and delays in your traveling in the van. Whenever you are spreading My Word, expect the demons to try and attack you to keep you from coming. Do not fear, for I will protect you as you pray your long form of the St. Michael prayer both coming and going. I thank you and your wife for continuing to carry out this mission of evangelizing people, as well as your new mission of preparing an interim refuge.”

Jesus said: “My son, I have asked you to get some more canned goods for immediate use. Make sure that you have some can openers to be stored with your cans. You can obtain what you want, but I will give you some suggestions. Peanut butter is always easy to store. You could also buy some baked beans, some stews, and some tunafish. You should start thinking of what you would like to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Dried meats may be another choice. By thinking of what you like to eat, you may choose something more to your liking. Oatmeal may be good for your breakfast with some dried or concentrated milk. Once you have decided what you want to store, then make a list so you can decide how much to buy. You may want to buy a small amount each week for what you can afford, and so you do not draw too much attention to your storage. Keep in mind to store a few of what you want multiplied, when it is needed for a lot of people. Plan your shopping list before you go to the store. I told you recently that events are close enough that you will not have to concern yourself with expiration dates. Your food and water are your biggest concerns. Trust in Me and I will provide what you need.”