Saturday, May 4, 2024

Saturday, May 4, 2024: (First Saturday of Our Lady)
The Blessed Mother said: “My dear children, I want you to pray my rosary for peace and the stoppage of abortion. Your prayers at the Planned Parenthood building are powerful and needed to help save the babies from abortion. This is one of the worst sins to take a life in abortion. You remember what I told you that you need to do something against abortion, even if it is just your rosary prayers. You also are seeing wars in Israel and the Ukraine where people are being killed and their homes destroyed. Pray also for those people who are dying from tornadoes, fires, and floods. I love all of you and I thank you for all of your prayer efforts and your intentions.”

Jesus said: “My people, Bidens’ EO 14067 is a theft of the control of your own money. You will be forced to turn in your old money in exchange for the digital dollar. The government will control how you spend your money. If you to not follow their plan, they could keep taking your money until your account is zero. This will be the end of your democracy because your hard earned money would be stolen. Some people think they can buy gold, but it will be hard to spend. As the Antichrist will come to power, he will try to kill all Christians. This is why coming to My refuges will be your only safe haven. At My refuges My angels will shield My believers, and I will provide for your needs. Trust in Me when I call you to My refuges because your money will be worthless if you do not have the mark of the beast. Refuse to take this mark and refuse to worship the Antichrist.”