Monday, May 6, 2024

Monday, May 6, 2024:
At St. Charles Borromeo after Holy Communion, I had an unusual vision of coming into a funeral home with very little furniture, and there was someone deceased and laid out but not in a casket. This vision was very vivid and real, as if it was someone important or someone we knew. Jesus said: “My son, this vision is not anyone you could recognize that died, but it is a general vision of the end of someone’s life. It could represent someone you know, or an important person. Each person who dies must come to Me in their first judgment. So pray for those people who die, so their soul may be saved from hell. Pray your Divine Mercy Chaplet for everyone’s funeral you visit, even if they are cremated.”

Jesus said: “My people, your military has been focused on the wars in Israel and the Ukraine, but you also have task forces in the Pacific Ocean as well. China has been building more ships, planes, missiles, and drones. China keeps threatening Taiwan with constant harassment with large numbers of planes and ships. You have seen your military building up treaties with other countries in the same area of Taiwan. Such a battle over Taiwan with China would be significant, because your country buys a lot of computer chips that are made in Taiwan. Pray for peace, but World War III could come at any time.”