Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Wednesday, September 2, 2015:
Jesus said: “My people, in St. Luke’s Gospel you see more of a focus on My healing of people because he was a physician. So in today’s Gospel you read of My healing of St. Peter’s mother-in-law, who had a fever. I also healed many sick people, and I even cast demons out of people to heal them. The people of Capharnaum tried to detain Me there, but I told them that I had to go to other towns to proclaim the Kingdom of God. This was part of My mission to reach all of those people in the tribes of Israel, the chosen people. St. Paul’s focus was to spread My Words of My Resurrection and My Kingdom to all the gentiles. You can read St. Paul’s accounts in the Acts of the Apostles and in his many letters or epistles to the people who he was evangelizing. By Baptism and Confirmation, I am calling all of My believers to spread My Gospel message, and work to save souls by evangelizing them. I am even sending out My special messengers and prophets also to spread My message of love to all the nations. I want all sinners to have an opportunity to be saved. This is why I will send out My Warning experience to everyone, so they will see their sins, and have a chance to repent and be saved. After the Warning, people will be very open to My faithful, who will be working hard to evangelize as many souls as possible. Some people will reject Me, but those, who repent of their sins, will find eternal life with Me in heaven.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing some heavy rains from the remnants of a tropical storm on the Southeast coast. America has not suffered much from any Atlantic Ocean hurricanes, but you are still seeing some mild flooding. There have been more storms in the Pacific Ocean, but only some rain and heavy surf have affected your lands, even in Hawaii. You have been more affected by the turbulence in your stock markets than by any physical storms. Most of your volatility has come as a result of a slow down in China’s economy. If China continues to sell your Treasury Notes instead of buying them, then America’s debt service could become a problem that will force your Federal Reserve to buy your debt. You have seen several quantitative easing sessions to put more money into circulation. This extra money has not been removed, so there is a chance of inflation if the Federal Reserve issues more bonds. Your economy is growing at over 3%, and there is a debate whether or not to raise interest rates. The volatility in your markets will continue until there is more certainty about a stable world economy. Pray that you do not have a financial crash, or your country could see a takeover by the one world people.”