(Warning when most advantageous to save the most souls, God is free to choose the time by His free will.) November 6, 2008

At Holy Name after Communion I could see a rotating kaleidoscope indicating the time of the Warning. Jesus said: “My people, today’s parable about the lost sheep in the desert is an inspiration to all of My faithful to reach out to save the lost souls from going to hell. This circular vision of life’s scenes represents the time of the Warning when all souls will be shown their sins and given their mini-judgment. You may have been praying for the lost souls in your family. This mercy of the Warning or illumination of conscience will offer the worst of sinners an opportunity to seek the forgiveness of their sins from Me. After the Warning My prayer warriors will have the best chance for saving souls and bringing people back to Confession and the sacraments. Even if these souls do not listen to your evangelization efforts now, keep praying that their hearts will be changed after their Warning experience.”

8-31-09: (Religious and patriots-targets of evil ones, messages give peace and joy, not fear.) June 2, 2009:
At St. Charles’ Church after Communion I could see storm clouds coming in representing the government that was going to be persecuting us more. Jesus said: “My people, in the Gospel I confounded My persecutors by telling them to give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s and give back to God what is God’s. You are tested with taxes very much, especially in your state, and it is hard to pay in your recession. These storm clouds in the vision are a sign that your government is going to make even more demands on your freedoms. Your freedom of speech is being challenged by hate crime laws. Your freedom of religion is also going to be limited, and you are forced to have chips in your passports and driver’s licenses. All of your purchased items are chipped as well. Soon chips will be required for your health needs and many government checks. The one world people’s plans for control are even going to threaten your very lives as they prepare to eliminate all religious people and patriots who will not go along with their new world order of a world government. As martial law approaches, My faithful will be leaving for My refuges for protection. Call on My help in prayer to be prepared for the storm clouds of the coming tribulation.”
June 4, 2009:
I could see a guard tower at a detention center death camp. Jesus said: “My people, just as there are many refuges for the protection of My faithful, so there are hundreds of detention center death camps that are large enough to kill millions of Americans who do not want to go along with the new world order. The evil ones have red and blue lists to pick up religious and patriotic people before and after a manufactured martial law is declared. I will warn My faithful when this will happen. Some will be martyred, but the remainder will be at My refuges. I will protect your souls from the evil ones, so have no fear.”