Tuesday, November 24, 2009: (St. Andrew & Companions)

Jesus said: “My people, in today’s Gospel I told My apostles that there would not be a stone left upon a stone when Jerusalem would be destroyed. They all wanted to know when I would return, but it is My choice when I will return at the appointed time known only to My Father. This sign of destruction in your day will be when the Antichrist takes power and America will be taken over. I warned My people not to believe in the one who claims to be Me, because this is what the Antichrist will claim. You will see an evil that you have never seen before during the coming tribulation. This time is coming in your lifetime, and I will vanquish all the evil ones while you are safe at My refuges. Then I will renew the earth in My Era of Peace. You truly are living in the end times as you are reading of My coming return.”
Jesus said: “My people, it is a blessing to you that each person is different and you have been given various skills to help people. One may be good at fixing cars, one at computers, or one at fixing houses. By helping each other with your skills, you are able to make a living for yourself. No matter how good you are at your trade or work, you should always give thanks to Me for giving you your gifts. Do not be prideful in your accomplishments, but give glory to Me for all that you are able to do, and the opportunity to use your skills productively. You are able to store more treasure in heaven when you help people without taking payment for your work, and volunteering without being asked. When you see someone in need, then take that opportunity to fulfill that need. When you help someone, you are helping Me in that person out of love.”

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