Thursday, October 1, 2015

Thursday, October 1, 2015: (St. Therese)
St. Therese said: “My son, your spiritual advisor is here to calm you down, and you need to move forward at a reasonable pace without rushing in haste. The Lord gives you your direction, so follow Him in all that He wants you to do. I treasured all of my duties, and I was happy to offer them up to Jesus for souls. You are receiving messages so they can be shared with the public both on the internet and in your books. Preparing your books are important, and you could be doing my novena for their success. Call on Jesus and the Holy Spirit to guide you in getting your book ready for publishing. You also have been called to prepare a refuge, and you could again pray for your guidance in all of your projects. By working with Jesus, you can fulfill all of His objectives. Remember to focus more on your prayer life, because this is your source of strength to accomplish God’s work.”

Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, at My refuge chapels, you could have a priest to offer Mass during the tribulation. Then your people could receive Holy Communion every day. If you do not have a priest, then I will have My angels bring you daily Holy Communion. With one of the consecrated Hosts, you could place it in your monstrance for perpetual Adoration. All of My refuges will have My Real Presence, so I can strengthen all of My faithful throughout the whole tribulation time.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing some flooding all up and down the East coast from some strong rainstorms. Now you are seeing a major hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean. People need to prepare for floods and high winds where it comes closest to shore. Pray for the people affected by any storm damage, and that there will not be any deaths with enough warning.”

Jesus said: “My people, with the continuing fires out West, you could see a record year for acres burned in one year. You also have seen many homes burned and several evacuations. Pray for the victims of these fires and especially for any lost lives and lost homes.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing disasters in fires, tornadoes, and hurricanes this year that have taken a toll in lives and damaged property. These things are occurring as a punishment for your many sins of abortion, and your sexual sins. When you continue to violate My Commandments, your country will suffer dearly for your offenses. Instead of repenting and changing your ways, you are making same sex marriages and euthanasia legal in your laws and court decisions. As your sins grow worse, so your punishment will get worse as well.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have droughts in the West, and you are seeing excess rainfall with floods in the East. These conditions have not decreased your crops that much, but if these conditions persist, you could see the beginning of a world famine with scarce food supplies. I have asked My people to have one year’s supply of food per person on hand in anticipation of low food supplies and a possible control of food by chips in the body. This is not hoarding of food, but it is in preparation of a famine so you could share food with others.”

Jesus said: “My people, you remember when I multiplied the two fish and five barley loaves to feed five thousand men. Even now, you will see Me multiplying food at My refuges so you will have enough food to eat. This multiplication of bread is how I will feed the people at My refuges with Holy Communion at your Masses. Rejoice that I will be with you every day in Holy Communion. You will not only have your body fed, but your spirit will be fed as well with My Blessed Sacrament.”

Jesus said: “My people, tomorrow is the feast of the Guardian Angels, and I have given every soul a guardian angel to watch over you during your whole life. You can remember to pray to your guardian angel every morning so you can acknowledge their help. Ask them to help you in fighting any occasion of sin. Listen to their suggestions to help your spiritual life. They will be guiding My faithful to My refuges when I warn My faithful it is time to leave. When you abort the unborn babies, these guardian angels of the aborted ones come to heaven to give testimony to Me when another life has been taken. You cannot hide your abortions from Me, no matter how secretly you try to cover up these killings. Learn to pray to your guardian angel for help.”