Thursday, May 18, 2023

Thursday, May 18, 2023: (The Ascension of the Lord)

Jesus said: “My people, you are celebrating the end of My mission on earth as I ascended into heaven to be with My Father.  I gave My apostles My farewell, and I sent them out to evangelize souls all over the earth.  Even today I am sending out My faithful to spread My Good News as well.  You were reminded last night to get a copy of the Pentecost Novena that you pray nine days before Pentecost Sunday.  You are preparing for the coming of the Holy Spirit over all of your work.  You were confirmed with Confirmation  and you received the graces of the Holy Spirit, and soon you will be celebrating His feast day.  Remember how the angels said that I will return on the clouds, just as I rose up on the clouds.”

Prayer Group:

Jesus said: “My son, I love you and your prayer group very much.  This is why I showed you a heart shape and you were drawn into My Heart.  You are well aware that I healed your sciatica pain overnight so there was no question that this healing came from Me.  I told you I am preparing you to go out again on your mission of spreading My messages.  Keep praying for your wife so she can be free of her pain as well.”

Jesus said: “My people, I know you like to watch sports games, and it is good exercise.  You need to keep everything in proper perspective, so you keep your focus on Me every day without letting things distract you from Me.  I love all of My people, and you need to share My words of love with all of the people you meet in your travels.  I am helping you and your wife with your health, so you are able to carry on with your faith mission.  You reach many people on your Zoom program, but it is special to be with the people in person. 

Jesus said: “My people, when you get up and see the sun dawning on a new day, you are inspired by Me to do all that you can to help save as many souls as possible.  You see the splendor of My Creation, and you see how I give you free will to follow Me when I direct you in your missionary efforts.  I want all of My faithful to take advantage of all the graces I give you to do what you can to lead souls to heaven.  I directed My apostles to go out and spread My Good News of My Resurrection.  I am happy when My faithful take up My call to evangelize souls.  I thank all of My workers who are out in the field for the harvest of souls for Me.

Jesus said: “My people, you just celebrated My Ascension into heaven today.  Your next major feast of Pentecost is coming in ten days.  It is appropriate to find a proper novena to pray every day leading up to Pentecost.  This is a great feast of the Holy Spirit when tongues of fire were brought down over My apostles, the Blessed Mother, and other disciples.  You were given the gifts of the Holy Spirit at your Baptism and your Confirmation sacraments.  Use your gifts to put your missionary efforts into action, so you can be fruitful in bringing souls to Me.”

Jesus said:  “My people, you have seen many prayers answered when you are persistent in your prayers.  When you pray for a healing, call on Me and the Holy Spirit to help you.  Sometimes you do not realize how I hear all of your prayers, and I answer them in My time and in My way.  I have even more interest to help heal My evangelists because you are carrying out the mission I have given you.  Remember when you go to a town that you stay with a friend who will provide for your travel, your food, and a place to stay.  The laborer is worth his keep to spread My Word of love.  Give thanks and praise to Me for leading you on your mission.”

The Holy Spirit said: “I am the Paraclete of God.  My son, you know how I give you My gifts so you can write the Lord’s messages and share them in your talks and on your Zoom meetings.  I give you the right words to speak and I direct you in which messages are most important to share.  I have helped you in all of your missions of speaking and also helping you with your refuge mission as well.  I desire all of My faithful to call on My help to carry out their spiritual missions.”

Jesus said: “My people, call on the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit to strengthen you all in your missionary work.  Wisdom, fortitude, piety, understanding, knowledge, counsel, and fear of the Lord are the gifts of the Spirit and imagine the flames of the Holy Spirit as they rest over each member of your prayer group tonight.  You all have been confirmed by the Holy Spirit, and you have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in each of you.  It is His Fire of love that strengthens you and He will give you what to say when you share God’s Word.  Even if you are persecuted, or even face the possibility of martyrdom, the Holy Spirit will give you the proper words to defend your faith under any circumstances.”