Thursday, July 9, 2015

Thursday, July 9, 2015: (St. Augustine and companions)
Jesus said: “My son, you have been following the account of Joseph and how it was My plan that he was sent to Egypt, so he could be instrumental in interpreting the Pharaoh’s dream to provide wheat for the famine. Events happen, but you do not always realize that they occur for a specific reason. In your own mission I have been warning the people how to prepare for the coming tribulation. Storing food and preparing refuges will also be needed when you will all be confronted with the evil of the Antichrist and his minions. You will need the protection of My angels, and you are spreading this message. Now, in these late stages before these events will come about, I have asked you to prepare a safe haven for your family and friends. I have warned you that your time has run out, and the events of the end times are already unfolding. You are seeing many financial problems getting worse because of your reliance on deficit spending, not only in your country, but also in other countries. Between your sins and your greed for wealth, you are seeing a coming decline in your country’s economy. If you paid heed to My laws and repented of your sins, then you could turn things around. As it is, your country is not repenting, and you are turning to more evil with your same sex marriage. Expect My punishment to take your country down through the one world people.”

Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, some of you may be familiar with the twenty-one missions along the coast of California that were started by Blessed Junipero Serra, who had his feast recently. (7-1-15) I am showing you these missions because they are living history where some still have Sunday Masses there. Some of the Indians were converted through these missions, and they will be places of safe haven in the end days of persecution.”

Jesus said: “My people, this door represents the doorway to your hearts. When you open the door from the inside, you are being open to My love, and you can ask the forgiveness for your sins. Those, who do not open the door to My knocking, are those souls who do not love Me. I will always forgive a repentant sinner. I do not force My love on you, but I want you to love Me of your own free will.”

Jesus said: “My son, you are happy with all the things that are now placed into your chapel. You have a new altar, some beautiful Stations of the Cross, a new lectern, and some chairs. Now, you are praying your rosaries in this chapel, and it is a holy feeling when you are in there. Some people have admired the beauty of your chapel, complete with the symbols of God the Father on your glass doors. I have given you messages of how people will be blessed for being in this chapel, especially during the Mass.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have shown you this prison as an example detention center death camp. This is where the one world people want to place all those people who refuse to take the mark of the beast, and will not accept the new world order as their government. Once the Antichrist comes into power, he will try and kill all of My faithful believers. This is why I have asked some faithful to set up refuges for your protection. My angels will make you invisible, and I will provide all that you need for your survival. Do not be afraid of the evil ones, even if you are martyred for your faith. All martyrs will become instant saints with Me in heaven.”

Jesus said: “My people, some of you might think farmers are not in a desirable profession because farming requires hard work, and they are at the mercy of the weather. The smaller farmers can barely make a living because of the price controls for their crops. They provide the food you eat, and they will be very important during the coming world famine. The farmers’ crops are perishable, and they have to take great care so their harvest is stored properly. You need to be thankful for the people who bring you your food. You may also have to store some extra food when it will be more valuable than any amount of money. This is why I showed you a farmer in a gold light.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are blessed to have faithful spouses for many years. The love of a married couple is very much how I love My Church as a bride. The married love usually bears children, and eventually grandchildren. Some couples are even further blessed to have great grandchildren. You are drawn to Me first, but your love for your spouse is a beautiful life in this world with many trials and broken families. This is why when a spouse dies, it is very traumatic for the surviving spouse. Pray for all families, and especially for widows and widowers.”

Jesus said: “My people, whenever stock prices drop, whether in America or China, the stockholders are stressed over any losses. It is hard to find investments that do not fluctuate and make enough money for a living. Your low interest rates have pushed some people into stocks, but there is always a risk of loss. When your money crashes from your overspending, it will not matter how much money you have. This is why I encouraged you to buy some extra food because the food will be more valuable for your survival than worthless money. Trust in Me to provide what you need at My refuges.”

From Carl, our old deceased neighbor: “I want to tell Carol that her dream about me was a confirmation that Marian and I are now in heaven thanks to your prayers and Masses.”