Sunday, November 29, 2009: (First Sunday of Advent)

Jesus said: “My people, today starts your Advent Season and many are more focused on buying gifts for Christmas. Yet in the Gospel reading it speaks more of the coming kingdom and My return to the earth. Before My return, you are seeing a black image of evil and suffering in the tribulation. The Antichrist will appear first and I have given you many messages about preparing to leave for My refuges before he tries to kill you. My kingdom is already on the earth in My sacraments and in the Holy Spirit’s dwelling in each soul. The reading speaks of how I will come in glory on the clouds to defeat all evil and bring My Light of goodness to dispel the darkness of evil. You know the end of this story as evil will have only a brief reign before I will vanquish Satan, the Antichrist, and all the demons and evil people, and cast this lot into hell. Just as you are anticipating Christmas during Advent, you are also anticipating My coming on the clouds to usher in My Era of Peace.”

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