Sunday, May 4, 2008: (Celebration of Ascension Thursday)

Jesus said: “My people, I am the Light of the world as I spread My love, graces, and blessings with everyone. I am also a Light of truth, and My Word of the Gospels needs to be spread to all the nations. You are seeing in My farewell to My apostles that I am calling them to go out and spread My Good News to all the nations. In My Early Church it took courage and the gifts of the Holy Spirit to even risk the lives of My faithful to preach My Word. Many were martyred for being a Christian. In today’s world you are not as threatened in most countries to give witness to your faith. The vision represents two kinds of people in the small light and the large bright light. I give everyone the same call as My apostles to go out and share your faith with everyone. You have a choice to keep your faith to yourself, or to share it with others. When you share your faith, you take a risk of rejection or even ridicule or persecution. Not everyone that you try to share My love with will be open to your witness. Still it is better to follow My call to give witness, even if some refuse to accept Me. There are many ways that you can share your faith. It should start first with teaching your own children and grandchildren. You can teach the children in religious education. You can share in prison ministry, food for the poor, visiting the elderly, bringing Holy Communion to the sick, and comforting those mourning the deceased. Whenever you share your faith with others, you are doing it for Me and My presence in that person. So choose to be the brilliant Light in this world by sharing My love and faith with everyone that you meet.”