Saturday, December 1, 2007

Jesus said: “My people, you are again seeing the readings in the end times talk in Daniel (Daniel 7:15-27) of the coming fourth kingdom referring to the Antichrist and his earthly reign for 3 1/2 years. Daniel spoke of this beast who would gain control over the whole earth, and he would oppress the holy ones of God. In the Gospel (Luke 21:34-36) it is mentioned again of a tribulation time that will come upon the earth. The preparation for these end times has been your mission, and you are being vindicated in the prophesies of the messages that I have been sharing with you. This vision of the Pentagon is one more defeat of your military might by the one world people who are working with Satan to put the Antichrist into power. You will see your country taken over as part of this North American Union, and the unions all over the earth will be joined under the Antichrist in the European Union. All of these things are told in the Scripture readings of the last days at the end of this Church year. Do not have any fear of these evil ones because their reign will be brief. Did you think that I would allow this evil to continue very long? Certainly not, for I will come in glory on the clouds to defeat these evil ones and cast them into hell. My faithful will then see a renewed earth and live in My Era of Peace.”
Jesus said: “My people, just as you see the difference between this sickly pine tree and the healthy pine tree, so there is also a difference between a sickly sinner’s soul and a healthy pure soul. When a tree needs help, you prune off the dead branches and brown needles. In a soul you want to prune the dark parts of the soul that are dead because of sin. When you repent of your sins, or come to the priest in Confession, you are making the opportunity to purify your soul of sin by your sorrow for sin. With contrite hearts to avoid this sin again, you receive absolution from the priest and a cleansing with sanctifying grace that restores your soul to its original holy state after Baptism. Give thanks and praise to Me for forgiving even the worst of your sins. When you start your Advent Season, you are doing a little retreat to purify your soul so you can be white and pure to receive Me in My crib at Christmas. Advent is a preparation for celebrating My coming to earth at Christmas. Even on this last day of the Church Year, you are also preparing your soul for the day of My return by keeping it holy in Confession. You may be awaiting My return by constant readiness, but you need to move on in your life to fulfill your personal mission in your work or retirement. Do not be fearful or anxious about when I will return, but be prepared in your soul and have your hands full of good works.”