Saturday, April 3, 2010: (Easter Vigil)

Jesus said: “My people, even though I told My apostles several times that I must die and rise on the third day, they did not comprehend My words as possible or maybe even forgot them. So when they heard of My Resurrection from the women, they still did not believe them. It was only once St. Peter and St. John went to the tomb to verify the story that some believed. Then they finally remembered My words that I would rise on the third day. I met with My apostles several times so they could see that I truly resurrected and that I was flesh and blood when I ate with them. I was not a ghost. At some of My appearances at the tomb and on the road to Emmaus, My disciples did not recognize Me until I called their name or broke bread with them. This was because I now was in My glorified Body, even though I still showed them My wounds in My hands, feet, and My side. Rejoice in My Resurrection because I have promised My faithful that one day they also would be resurrected body and soul in heaven.”