Monday, November 23, 2009: (St. Clement I)

Jesus said: “My people, America is the largest dealer of weapons in the world that is supported by your Industrial-Defense complex. These weapons makers get their money from your taxpayers because your Department of Defense money is the largest portion of your entire National Budget. You spend billions of dollars every year developing the latest and most expensive weapons available. Usually these weapons are overkill against smaller countries. Instead of spending so much money on weapons and Defense, you could use that money to feed the poor and provide more worthwhile jobs to the unemployed. You are preparing for Thanksgiving Day dinner and your thoughts should be focused more on helping and feeding people, instead of how to kill people.”
Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you this large picture frame because you need to know the big picture behind the current battle between good and evil. On the one side you have Satan and his demons getting the rich people to worship him and follow his orders. On the other side you have Me, My saints, and the angels encouraging people to repent of their sins and be converted. Satan is allowed to control the rich and powerful in creating a death culture against man. He hates man and he is enabling evil people to promote abortions, euthanasia, constant wars, and man-made viruses to kill many. The one world people are also forming unions as the European Union and the North American Union. They will form unions on every continent and they will be joined together and given over to the Antichrist to control the world. This reign of evil will be brief as I will bring My Comet of Chastisement to destroy all of the evil ones. I will protect My faithful and bring you into My Era of Peace. There will be peace without the temptations of the devil, as you will be perfected for heaven. Rejoice when you see these events take place, because you will soon see My return on the clouds.”

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