Monday, March 28, 2016

Monday, March 28, 2016:

Jesus said: “My people, today the focus is on My risen Body when I first appeared to the women after they saw the empty tomb. It would take a few of My visits in the flesh for My apostles to fully understand My plan of salvation. My apostles did not want to accept the account from the women that they had seen My risen Body. Once the apostles saw Me, they believed in My appearance. After seeing the empty tomb, St. John and St. Peter believed in My Resurrection. It is sad that the Jewish leaders did not want to accept My Resurrection, and they even paid the soldiers to say that My apostles stole My Body. At the Warning, the Jews and all the people will know that they can only come to heaven through Me. With My Resurrection I am showing you a model that one day all of My faithful will be resurrected as well. Some people are killing Christians today, but those people, who reject Me, will receive their punishment in hell. My martyrs will become instant saints. Trust in My Word because I will be bringing My victory over the evil ones after the tribulation.”

Jesus said: “My people, you will soon see another edict issued by your President that will make it mandatory to have a computer chip placed in your body. You already have charge cards and passports that have mandated smart chips in them. You do not want to take any chip in your body, even if they threaten to kill you. This chip in the body will control your free will like a robot, so do not ever take it. At first you are seeing some people volunteering to take the chip in the body. The authorities will threaten you with stopping your Social Security and welfare checks, if you do not take it. You will not be able to buy or sell anything without a chip in the body. Eventually, they will confiscate all of your money and possessions if you refuse to take the chip in the body. Some will think that they need the chip for food and survival, but refuse to take this chip in the body for any reason. I will warn My faithful to leave for My refuges once this chip will be mandatory. If My people do not leave for My refuges quickly, then they could be captured by the men in black, and they will be taken to the death camps to be killed or made into slaves. If you come to My refuges with your angel protection, the evil ones will not be able to find you. My refuge builders will have safe havens guarded by angels to protect My faithful there. All refuges will have invisible shields, so the authorities will not harm you. Trust in Me to protect you at My refuges throughout the whole tribulation time. This is why it is necessary to leave your homes quickly when I warn you. Those people, who are martyred, will become instant saints. Be prepared to come to My refuges, where I will protect you, and provide for all of your physical and spiritual needs.”