Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday, February 9, 2015: (Ida DiMarsico funeral, Rocco’s mother)
Jesus said: “My people, it is hard to lose your mother, even if she lived a long life. Mothers are always looking out for their children both in their physical and spiritual needs. Ida has suffered for some years, and now she is with Me in heaven. Even despite the snowy weather, your prayer group members were here to support Rocco and his family. You come to many funerals to pay respects to the families that you touch in various ways. Comforting the mourning of your friends and relatives is one of your neighborly duties. Keep praying for this family to endure this loss of their mother.”

Jesus said: “My people, your life on earth is very delicate as indicated in the vision of a red cord. Your earthly life is very fragile, and once this string is cut, your physical life is over because of your mortal nature. Your soul lives on forever, which is why directing your spiritual life toward heaven with Me, is more important than your earthly needs. There is another interpretation of this red cord, which someone gave you in a message. This same red cord means how you will be linking refuge people together in a network, so you know who is on your side. Even as you go out to give talks, many of the people at your talks can meet each other, and keep in touch for their refuge preparations. You also can have links between people on each trip when you go to several cities. I am using My messengers to share My messages, and give My faithful confidence in My help and My protection. Give praise and thanks to Me for how I lead My people through these hard times.”