Monday, August 4, 2008: (St. John Mary Vianney)

Jesus said: “My pilgrims, My Blessed Mother and I welcome you on your pilgrimage to My Blessed Mother’s Shrine at Betania. You have seen a few inconveniences that have tested your patience with delays on the plane, lost luggage, delays in your bus trip, and even power outages. I have told you that you would have difficulties in your travel, and a little loss of your daily conveniences that you will face when you will be at My refuges. In today’s Gospel St. Peter faltered in his faith and he began to drown, but I gathered him up into the boat. So it is with your earthly lives. When everything is going well for you, you are faithful and confident in My power as St. Peter started walking on the water. But when difficulties arrive into your life, your faith is tested by fire and you sometimes weaken and falter in your sins, instead of keeping your faith and trust in Me at all times. This is when I tell you also, why did you falter? When you are strong in your prayer life, share in My sacraments, perform good deeds for your neighbor, and visit Me often in My Eucharist, I will see your love for Me is strong and how you trust in My help. Give good example in My love so others could be converted by your faith and trust in Me.”