Monday, April 13, 2015

Monday, April 13, 2015: (St. Martin I)
Jesus said: “My people, after I breathed the Holy Spirit upon My apostles, they were able to boldly proclaim their faith in My Name. With My Resurrection, they became inspired as Easter people, and they were able to heal people, and witness My Resurrection as a new teaching. St. Peter was the leader of My new Church that has been protected even until this day. I promised that the gates of hell would not prevail over My Church. Just as My apostles were given courage and strength to proclaim My Word with the power of the Holy Spirit, so My disciples of today are also empowered by the Holy Spirit in your Baptism and your Confirmation. I gave a call for My apostles to go out to all the nations and proclaim My Good News of salvation. Even today, I give the same call to all of My faithful to proclaim My Good News to all the people whom you meet. Some of My special missionaries are truly traveling to all of the nations to evangelize souls. Pray for all of your missionaries and prophets.”

Jesus said: “My people, this single evergreen tree has two meanings. The first is that it is always green, meaning that it is like Me in that I am always loving you, and I am always willing to forgive your sins. The second meaning is that I am the Vine while you are the branches who get your nourishment from Me. I give you Myself in Holy Communion that feeds your soul and heals the damage from your sins. I am always Present to you to help you in both your physical and spiritual needs. Those people, who refuse My nourishment, will soon have their faith wither and die. You need to come through Me in order to enter heaven. Rejoice in My Easter message, where My death and Resurrection are bringing salvation to all souls who believe in Me.”