Friday, October 10, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, the devil is the great deceiver with his lies. He will tempt you with sin every day, but his greatest attack is by complacency and spiritual laziness. In the vision those in the rear, where it is dark, symbolize the people who have become lukewarm in the faith. They have become lax in receiving My sacraments, and they have forgotten their daily prayer life. If you truly love Me, you will desire to tell Me your love in prayer and keep your soul in the state of grace. The lukewarm will miss Mass occasionally and rationalize that it is not a sin. They soon grow cold to Me by not receiving My Holy Communion worthily. Once they commit serious mortal sin, they also think it is not serious and hence they avoid coming to Confession. It is this kind of lukewarm, who have lost their faith, that I told you that I will spew from My mouth. To remain strong in grace to fight the devil’s attacks, you must be alert to all of his lies and deceits. You draw your most strength from My sacraments when you receive My graces. You should come to Confession at least once a month or sooner if you have committed a mortal sin. Forming a proper conscience of knowing what is right and wrong is primary in following My Commandments and My Church’s teachings of the faith. Frequent Confession cleanses your soul of sin and helps keep you in the state of grace so you can receive Me worthily in Holy Communion. Your morning and night prayers keep you close to Me in telling Me how much you love Me as well as giving Me your petitions. Attending Sunday and even daily Mass gives you My spiritual food to enliven your soul. Visiting My Blessed Sacrament also helps you to make your life’s decisions according to My ways. By keeping your soul strong in faith and grace, you can build up a barrier of protection that the devil will find it hard to penetrate. Keep strong in your faith and you will see your reward in heaven.”
Jesus said: “My people, your Treasury Department has already infused billions of dollars into your banks and investment houses in the hopes that they would make more loans. Instead of using this new liquidity to make more loans, these entities are sitting on this cash in case they see losses on future foreclosures. In all of your bailout plans involving billions of dollars, your home owners are not getting any help with their loans that are more than the worth of the home. These people are walking away and leaving the banks to auction off homes in a bad market. It would be better for your government to rewrite these loans for the worth of the house to those who could make payments of interest and principal for at least five years. The difference in the loan’s value would go to the debt holder from the government. This would give just liquidity to the debt holder while enabling the home owner to be able to pay off the mortgage. Many compromises could be made without your government owning companies and by encouraging home owners to stay in their homes. By freeing up some credit and insuring the house would be paid off, your markets would be more solvent. If your government or your world nations do not do something quickly, your markets could see further losses. Pray for your leaders to find the right compromise so your labor and businesses could survive. Prepare also to go to My refuges if the one world people are able to bankrupt your country. Trust in My protection and for a means to end this credit crisis.”