Friday, November 27, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, many will tell you that the world will continue as it is, but those, who are the wise virgins, have read the signs of My coming in the Scriptures and know that I am truly coming soon. The computer chips, that are the mark of the beast, are controlling people already. The Antichrist, that I have shown you, is about to declare himself. The unions are being formed to be given over to the Antichrist. You are seeing the famines, earthquakes increasing, and the man-made pestilence diseases. The increase in knowledge and the extent of evil in the world are the signs to know that the end is near for the earth as you know it. Rejoice as you see these things happening, because soon you will see My return.”
(Camille’s Mass) At Holy Name after Communion I saw Camille as a younger man and he had Jesus sprinkle a water of graces on all of us present at the Mass. Camille said: “I thank you for all the Masses that you had said for My soul. It was this anticipation of graces outside of time that allowed Me into heaven so soon. Now that I am in heaven, I will help all of you from heaven. I started by having Jesus bless all of you with His baptismal waters of grace. Take good care of Lydia in comforting her over my leaving. I am confirming all of the activity that you have seen with the chairlifts and the lights.”

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