Friday, November 20, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, in the vision you see the steel tracks that allow trains to carry heavy loads. In your tall buildings you use steel ‘I’ beams to hold your buildings together. In a spiritual way I am your strength and support in all of your situations in life. You can always call on My help to get you through sicknesses and unemployment. I am at your side to provide for your every need, so just have faith and trust in My help. Do not be concerned with being rich, but be satisfied that you are fed and have shelter. Even in hard times you may have to depend on your family for support as well. Be gracious in helping others to get by in their necessities. You can be My arms and legs to carry out what I want for your neighbor’s needs.”
Jesus said: “My people, this dragon undermining an American road is a sign of China as an evil force that will cause America grief in your economy with the dollar. China has many times threatened to try and change the dollar to another international currency as the standard of exchange. Their money and their holdings of American Treasury notes are losing value as America increases its debts and the selling of more Treasury notes. As your Federal Reserve keeps expanding its balance sheet by buying Treasury notes, soon America will need to print more dollars to monetize your debt, thus adding to inflation. China is in control of the many goods that you buy and they could blackmail America by threatening to sell their goods to others and exchange their dollars for another currency. Since America has little manufacturing, you would be ruined without a source of cheap goods and a place to sell your debt. China is still a communist nation with an ambition for world control, which is why they are using their wealth to expand their army, navy, and air force. China could become more of a threat to Korea, Taiwan, and even Japan with a change in military strength. I am forewarning America that China is planning to undermine your economy and threaten your military power as well.”

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