Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday, January 11, 2013:
Jesus said: “My people, in today’s Gospel a leper came as close to Me as he could because they had to keep away from people.
He asked Me if I could heal him, and I so willed to do so. I healed him because he had faith that I could heal him. I even touched some lepers to heal them, and this was normally forbidden. This is an example of how I even reached out to heal the outcasts of society because I love everyone. You may not be able to heal people, but this Gospel is an example of how I want My faithful to reach out to everyone in love. Even those in prison, those in nursing homes, and those with contagious diseases need to be loved. People with drinking and drug problems also need to be loved. It is difficult to go outside of your comfort zone to try and help the outcasts of your society. This is something all of My faithful should try to do because you see Me in their souls. Pray for these souls, even if you cannot physically help them.”

(Mass for Dennis) Jesus said: “My people, it was the prayers and Masses that saved Dennis from a worse fate. He still needs more prayers and Masses to advance up in purgatory. When people abuse their bodies and are not close to Me, they will have to accept My judgment for their deeds. It is not easy for Me to see people suffering, but purging souls of their sins is not a pleasant sight. Many people have drinking or drug problems, and these addictions have demons attached to them. This is why it is difficult for such people to fight their demons and their habits that abuse their bodies. Keep praying for these people with addictions because persistent prayer could save them from hell.”