Friday, August 31, 2007

Jesus said: “My people, this Gospel of the five wise virgins and the five unwise virgins is a theme of being watchful for when I will return in victory. I have given many messages of warning to prepare My people for the time of tribulation with the Antichrist’s brief reign of evil. You are continuing to see signs of this evil age as in Noah’s time, and the faith has grown cold in many hearts. You are seeing the areas of pestilence, wars, and famine in parts of the world. You are also seeing the forced microchips in your passports and coming licenses as the mark of the beast is already prepared. You are entering the end times as the signs are all around you. Be always ready in your soul with frequent Confession and a strong daily prayer life. Do not be like the five unwise virgins who could not enter because they knew neither the day nor the hour of My return.”
Jesus said: “My people, in every life you are going to be tested in the workplace, on the highway, and in running your household. You will meet with many frustrations and disappointments, as this is part of your human condition. It is how you react to life’s situations that will have an effect on your disposition and the effect you have on others. If you are boastful or have an upset attitude over things, you can make yourself and others miserable around you. If you have a calm and faithful attitude, your love can touch others and they will be thankful to be in your presence. A person of deep faith should not allow the little things in life to upset their peace. This takes some patience and a good prayer life to restrain your anger and irritability. So stop and think how other people are viewing your actions, and try to be good Christian examples to others so they will desire the love that you have for Me. Keep calm in all of your reactions so you can have respect for Me, yourself, and your neighbor.”