Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, many of your scientists have talked about global warming and are pointing at the melting glaciers. They also are claiming that increased greenhouse gases, as carbon dioxide, are at fault. The irony of these theories is the recent finding of a decline in world temperature in the last year. Many things as less solar activity, or things in the atmosphere from volcanoes, chem trails, or sand storms could be blocking the sunlight. Man-made pollution does have its affects, but it is hard for man to say what is the actual cause of this latest trend. Man could work to keep the environment clean, but there are many factors that could affect global temperatures. This is why it is difficult for man to say if any warming or cooling trends are actually taking place over time.” (Note: In the last year the world temperature dropped 0.60 degrees C which makes the 100 year increase only 0.037 degrees C.)