Friday, February 29, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, many of your scientists have been trying to explain the losses in the number of beehives. Some are saying that it is a combination of mites and insecticides that are disorienting the bees. Man has tried to change plants by making hybrids to improve on My perfection for better yields. All of his manipulations are interfering with how seeds are made, and insecticides are killing even the good insects. A third of your crops require pollination with the help of the bees. If the bee population continues to decrease, this could even threaten the beginnings of a world famine. This is why you may need to stock up on seeds that are not hybrids, so you can harvest seeds the next year. All of man’s manipulations of his crops could undermine My balance of nature and cause a shortage in your food supply. This is why I will have to multiply your food so you can survive this disaster. Keep farming with My original perfect crops and you will see better yields and quality in the end, with seeds that you can continue to harvest.”
Jesus said: “My people, this volcanic eruption will send ash and black smoke into the sky for miles high. It will cause a major blocking of the sun in the immediate area and it will affect the local weather for a time. There will even be a slight reduction in the earth’s overall temperature. These such events have occurred in earth’s history before, but this event will shake many people to realize the fury of nature. I have told you before that you will see many unusual natural disasters this year, and this describes one such event. Be prepared to witness such events that could change the way you live today. As you see this volcano spew flame and dust all over, know also that some demons will be released from hell through this volcano to torment souls on the earth. This is a sign to you that the tribulation is about to begin.”