Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Wednesday, September 9, 2015: (St. Peter Claver)
Jesus said: “My people, this vision is a contrast in what people consider valuable as a treasure. You are seeing circular, unleavened wafers. When they are consecrated at a Mass, they become My very Body and Blood in My Real Presence. The other vision is of the minting of circular gold coins. A spirit filled person will consider My Eucharistic Hosts as the most valuable. An earthly person will consider the gold coins to be more valuable. There is a Scripture passage in St. Matthew (6:21) ‘For where thy treasure is, there also will thy heart be.’ There is another passage also in St. Matthew (6:24) ‘You cannot serve God and money’. It is true that you need some money to buy your necessities, but do not make money an idol that you worship before Me. This is against My First Commandment that says you are to worship only Me. Each person has two natures: an earthly nature, and a spiritual nature. You are joined in body and soul, but it is your soul that will live on forever, and the body will pass away. This is why your soul is more important than the body, since it is your eternal destination in heaven that is more important than money. Seek to follow Me on your path to heaven, more than being concerned with accumulating earthly wealth which will pass away.”

Jesus said: “My people, the low rainfall in the West has caused severe rationing of water, especially for lawns. They are even recommending rock gardens instead of small lawns. There are even penalties for people who use over a certain amount of water. It is hard to import water because it is expensive to transport it. Wells are running dry, and the heat is not letting up. People may have to resort to condensing water out of the air, or desalinating the ocean water. There are not many choices to buying bottled water from other places. Pray for these people because these water shortages are only going to continue. It is sad that the one world people are continuing to use the HAARP machine to cause droughts in California. You will suffer in your crop shortages as a result. This is why I am having you store food and water for the coming world famine.”