Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wednesday, September 5, 2012: (Mario Sorge, funeral Mass)
Jesus said: “My people, pray for the mourners of Mario as they give their respects for him. You are seeing Me in My resurrected Body to give everyone of My faithful hope that one day all of you will be resurrected as well. I am the Resurrection and the life, and with My sacrificial death I have ransomed all souls who accept Me, so they can now enter heaven’s gates. Until My death and resurrection, heaven’s gates were closed, and souls could only go to a place of suffering because of Adam’s sin. Now, at your death you can come to your judgment, and I will judge you based on your actions in life. The more gifts that a soul has been given, the more will be expected of that soul. After a soul has passed and is separated from the body, you need to pray for that soul, and offer Masses to help them out of purgatory, if they were judged there. Once souls are purified, they can now come to heaven.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have now recorded seven or more incidents of gunmen killing people, and most of them killed themselves later. These events are not just by chance, but it is part of a plan to cause an excuse to try and take away people’s weapons. Many of these attacks used automatic weapons which is one of the targets for your authorities to remove. I have told you before that you can place chips in people, and with voices, you can cause those people to kill people without remembering their crime. These events are more than arbitrary killings because these gunmen are well armed, and they even have body armor. The one world people know that it is difficult to take over a country with well armed citizens and militias. So their intent is to use any excuse to try and disarm your citizens. This is why you will have chaos and a revolution because many people will not give up their arms. My faithful will have to go to My refuges because I do not want My people killing others. On your way to My refuges and at them, My angels will make you invisible, and the angels will not allow the evil ones to harm you. Trust in My protection and My angels so you do not need guns to defend yourselves.”