Wednesday, September 3, 2008: (St. Gregory the Great)

Jesus said: “My people, it is everyone’s job to help build up My Church, whether it be the spiritual life for souls, or the physical church in its maintenance and support. A place of worship is needed for Sunday Mass, and a place to visit My tabernacle. Help your pastors in keeping your churches vibrant with many parishioners. St. Paul had difficulty giving spiritual nourishment to the people because they were still living in the flesh. It is the same problem in your day as well when people are more focused on the things of the world than that of God. It is more important to be living in the Spirit so you can prepare yourself for heaven in prayer, Mass, and My sacraments. Encourage your family and friends to be more focused on the desires for heavenly things than being tempted to follow the devil in worldly things only. You need to deal with what is necessary for physical survival and helping others, but this world is passing away and the soul lives on forever. I draw all of you to do everything out of love for Me and not just for your own pleasure.”
Jesus said: “My people, the wheels of change going on in the work place is all about how difficult it is for the American worker to compete with slave labor wages with no benefits. Your buying so many imports from China is an endorsement by your business leaders that slave labor is acceptable, no matter what hardship befalls these workers. It is the same businessmen that see nothing wrong with illegal immigrants being paid slave labor without benefits. A fair wage is one on which people could live on without having two other jobs. Once a fair price has been established for making something, all other cheap imports should be called dumping. Some countries sell their goods cheaper here and three times that price in their own fixed home markets. American workers need to be able to compete on a fair equal footing without subsidies and slave labor altering the prices. Today’s companies are more concerned with the next quarter’s profits than how to take care of their workers. Pray that your companies start taking better care of their workers, and stop depending on cheap imports from a communist country that could stop your imports with the next war. If you want to get your economy going again, then stop spending the trillions of dollars that you spend on unnecessary wars. Most of your deficits are from war debts, which could be turned around by avoiding so many useless wars.”