Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday, September 29, 2010:(St.Michael, St.Gabriel, St. Raphael)
St. Michael said: “I am Michael, and I stand before God to constantly give Him praise and glory. In these end days you are part of the battle between the good spirits and the evil spirits in a fight for souls. We Archangels are not only messengers, but we are part of God’s army to fight the demons and protect the souls on earth from being lost. Every time that you call on us to help you in your mission, we are there with thousands of angels to empower your struggle to save souls. I know that you pray for My help every day in union with your guardian angel, Mark. You are tested in many ways with obstacles to stop your work, but where we are allowed, we can make your path less obstructed. Continue to pray to me and the other good angels to help you in your work. You saw in the vision the dove of the Holy Spirit and myself fighting the demons in the world. Trust in God and our help as He directs us.”

Jesus said: “My people, agriculture or farming is a large industry that requires seed companies and fertilizer companies. A good share of your crops can be harvested by machines, but still laborers are needed. Other crops, that are more sensitive, require workers to pick and collect the crops. Even when given an opportunity, many Americans do not want the cheap labor and hard work in the fields. Many farmers need to have immigrant workers pick their crops or their crops could not be harvested. Many Americans rely on their farmers for their food, but farmers barely make a living with all of their costs of doing business. If the farmers did not get some subsidies, they could not make a living. Even though the immigrant problem causes political problems with crime and entitlements, they do fulfill a need in picking the crops that you eat in America. Again, be thankful that your farmers and immigrants are doing their job to feed America and export their surpluses.”