Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wednesday, September 24, 2014:
Jesus said: “My son, in the Gospel you read how I sent My apostles out two by two to proclaim the Kingdom of heaven. I told them to take little with them, because My apostles are worthy of being fed and taken care of for bedding. My messengers have accepted My mission to bring My Word to the people. They will find a just house to provide for their needs. I have warned you, My son, to pray the long form of the St. Michael prayer both when you start out and when you return. This is for your protection from any accidents or any attacks from the demons, who do not want you to evangelize people or to pray over them. At times I allow you to be tested by difficulties, as problems finding your way, flat tires, or other car problems. Many times you even suffer physical problems as a price for the souls that your words will touch. I send you angels and good people to help you overcome any testing for souls. The demons do not want to give up any souls easily, so each soul will require a battle to save. Call on My help if you are attacked by the demons. Be always ready to face trials when you are spreading My Word. Those people, who work in the harvest of souls, will have many graces for their reward. I thank you for all that you do for Me, and the souls that you help.”

Jesus said: “My people, when you see checkpoints, like roadblocks, or heavy amounts of army troops moving around, be warned that your authorities are preparing for martial law. The one world people know the time when they will crash the dollar, and turn off the electricity to precipitate a martial law. Before this happens, they will be stationing troops all over to control any revolts or riots. My Warning will come first before any threats to your life. After the Warning, you will be evangelizing people, especially your family members. You will need to get rid of your TVs and computers after the Warning, so you do not look at the Antichrist’s face who will control the media. Soon after the six weeks of conversions, you will see the world famine, a division in My Church, martial law, and mandatory chips in the body. At that time I will warn you to leave your homes for My refuges for your protection. The tribulation will happen once the Antichrist declares himself, and he will be allowed a brief control of the world. His reign will be brief, while My faithful are protected by My angels at My refuges. Some people will be martyred for the faith. At the end of the tribulation, I will bring My Comet of Chastisement to defeat the evil ones. I will cleanse the earth of all the evil ones, as they will be cast into hell. I will renew the earth, and bring My faithful into My Era of Peace. Rejoice in My victory, as you will be rewarded for being faithful to Me.”