Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, in today’s Gospel I am sending My apostles out two by two to have them tell the people that the Kingdom of God is here with Me. I was sent by God the Father to preach to the people in parables, but the understanding was given only to My disciples. After I returned to My Father in heaven, My apostles received the power form the Holy Spirit to carry on My mission to all the nations. So too, My faithful of today are also being sent out to proclaim My Word and My Kingdom. When you share your faith with others, you are spreading My Kingdom. I also sent My apostles out with a minimum of what to take with them, so they could depend on others because the evangelist is worthy of his keep. This is also a similar preparation for when you will have to go to My refuges. I have given you many messages of all of the items to carry in your backpacks so you will be provided until you arrive at the interim refuges or the final refuges. Give praise and glory to Me for all that I give you in warning you how to prepare for the coming tribulation.”