Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Jesus said: “My people of America, you are beset by many financial disasters that are finally causing you a major crisis. The most expensive problem is dealing with the solvency of your mortgage, banking, and investment industries. Some are debating how to manage a possible bailout at the taxpayer’s expense, and if this money will be enough to fix the problem. You have current wars that are not budgeted for, and this is another cause of your deficits. Further along you have Social Security and Medicare that are also going bankrupt because of your give away programs. Another threat to your economy is fulfilling your fuel needs which needs a national policy fix. Add all of these problems with your natural disaster expenses, and you can see that the solvency of your government is teetering on bankruptcy. Already many of your people do not want to bail out the rich people for making bad financial risks and the home owners do not benefit at all. Many of these problems are of your own making, and now you will have to deal with the consequences of these bad decisions. If your banks and investment houses cannot fix these bad loans, how is an initial bailout going to help when the problem is on a much larger scale? Pray for your leaders to make the right decisions so your fragile economy does not get worse.”