Wednesday, September 23, 2009: (St. Padre Pio)

St. Pio said: “My dear son, I need to remind you to wear your cross proudly as a gift that you were given. You need to use all of the gifts that the Lord has given you, and share them with others. Everyone needs to use their God-given gifts as well. Be conscious of your humble behavior and be a good example to others in your prayer life. Be open to those who are seeking your counseling and share the messages that the Lord is giving you. Above all be obedient to the authorities of the Church, as I was for many years, even as I was silenced with My gifts. Even if you are persecuted or restrained, persevere in your mission the best that you can. Do not lose heart over any criticism, but be faithful to your calling with all the patience that is required of you. Truly you are all in the end times and the warnings of the Lord are coming true as you have been given. Call on Jesus and us saints to give you encouragement and protection against the evil ones attacking your mission.”
Jesus said: “My people, when you will leave for a refuge, you may have to leave in haste. Have your prepared backpacks ready with some food, water, matches, and windup flashlights. Also have tents, sleeping bags, and a Coleman stove with some small gas cylinders. This is what you practiced with on your camping outing. Your guardian angel will lead you down back roads to your destination with the small flame leading you. You may have to set up your tent for warmth and shelter. You may want to bring sweaters, overcoats, boots, and warm blankets if you are in the North during the winter. Travel as long as you can with your car, or use your bikes if gas cannot be obtained. I have given you messages to be prepared with your sacramentals and prayer books, as well as keeping a pure soul by frequent Confession. These physical preparations will also be helpful in your survival in hiding during the tribulation. Trust that I will multiply your food and water, and fuel for your fires. When you pray to Me for help, I will be at your side. See that you will be thankful to Me for all the preparations that I have directed you to do.”