Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday, September 19, 2012: (St. Januarius)
Jesus said: “My people, I have talked about the one world people many times, and they are the elite in terms of money and power to influence governments. These people at the top are some of the people who actually worship Satan, and they carry out his directives. This is the meaning of the vision in that those, who worship Satan, are on a path to the flames of hell unless they convert and are saved. These people are even fighting amongst themselves for leadership and power. Once these elite leaders place the Antichrist into power over the world, they are going to be surprised by a double cross when the Antichrist will kill these leaders, and put his own people in power. The one world people are ruthless in their killings of people, and it is poetic that they will be killed themselves. You can put them in your prayers, but it will be near impossible for them to change without them asking for My help. You heard the message of love given by St. Paul. If these people or others do not have love in their hearts, then they will be like clanging cymbals.”

Jesus said: “My people, you know how much I love mankind because I was incarnated as a God-man so I could die on the cross for all of your sins. This is why you should have a large crucifix on all of your altars so you never forget how I died to save mankind. All Three of Us Persons in the Blessed Trinity are pure love, and it is out of sharing Our love that creation was brought about. I am showing you My Sacred Heart because My love for My creatures is overwhelming. I love all of you equally so one soul is no greater than another. I even love those souls who have rejected Me, but they have chosen the wrong destination of their own free will. I want My faithful to love Me so our hearts can be joined in love. I have given you My Commandments which call you to love Me and your neighbor as yourself. I have even asked you to love your enemies and your persecutors. It is hard for man to do this on his own, so call on Me to give you the grace to love everyone. I have called My faithful to be perfect as My heavenly Father is perfect. In your human condition loving everyone may seem impossible, but for Me all things are possible. Pray that all souls could be converted, even though many will use their free will to reject Me. By My grace and possibly the Warning experience, you could see some conversions. I will not refuse any repentant sinner from coming into My loving arms.”

Jesus said: “My people, this vision of the wet pallet represents how America is on a skid into both a bad economy with a possible war. People want to know dates when things will happen, but I only call your attention to the signs that are happening around you. Many people are aware of your unemployment rate at over 8.0% for the last three or four years. Even this rate is closer to 22% if you include those who stopped looking for work, and those who are only working part time. Your National Debt is over $16 trillion with obligations of $56 trillion for unpaid promises for your entitlements. Your government is spending over $1.3 trillion more than it takes in for taxes. The Federal Reserve has started more Quantitative Easing (QE3) because it has to buy 70% of your debt in order to prevent your country’s bankruptcy. With government spending out of control, you will soon see hyperinflation with the printing of more Treasury Bonds. The Federal Reserve and the central bankers are bailing out your banks’ bad mortgage loans at $40 billion per month without any limit. These are signs that show a bank holiday is not far away. Signs of a coming war can be seen in all the Moslem Brotherhood takeovers of the Arab nations as Libya and Egypt where attacks are occurring against your embassies. A danger to oil deliveries is apparent with Iran’s threats to oil shipments through the Persian Gulf. Other conflicts are heating up between China and Japan over some uninhabited islands. The same one world people who are threatening a crash of your dollar, are the same people who are trying to instigate a war with Iran so they can profit from expensive oil prices when oil will become harder to ship. Look around you at these signs, and you can see why your freedoms are in danger of being lost. Have no fear, as I will protect My faithful at My refuges.”