Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Jesus said: “My people, you have watched many movies and sometimes in the flesh the constant battle for survival between the various food chains of prey and predator.  Even as you view this visible battle, there is also an invisible  spiritual battle for souls going on constantly around you.  You have the good angels and your guardian angels assigned to help you against the evil demons who are trying to ravage souls for Satan.  These demon temptations are very deceptive in trying to get you to sin because they exploit your human weaknesses to pride and lust.  You know My Commandments and how you should behave, but greed and lust can attract you to satisfy your more earthly appetites.  By staying close to Me in prayer and My sacraments, you can receive spiritual food and My graces to strengthen you against these daily temptations.  You can also call on Me, My saints, and My angels in times of demon attacks and temptations.  Once you realize where the near occasions of sin are, you can avoid them, and stay close to My Blessed Sacrament where you are safe with Me and My angels.  I want you to worship and adore Me each day because this is training for when you can come to heaven.  You can also reach out to save other souls who are weak in their faith or need conversion to be saved.  Be an inspiration to souls who look up to you for leadership in the faith.  It is your daily prayer life that is necessary to keep you on the narrow road to heaven.  You can also help souls in purgatory to come to heaven sooner by your prayer intentions.  Always pray for your family and friends for both the living and the deceased.  Be always on the lookout for the demon predators and do not succumb to their evil ways of comforts and pleasures.”