Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, as you go about your daily chores and errands, do people see in your actions how much you love Me and love your neighbor? How much do you think to love Me in all that you do? Be open to help people in their needs, even if it is to open a door for someone or be courteous in letting someone go ahead of you in a line or in your car. It is in your daily kindnesses and good deeds that people can see love in your actions. Seeing you praying, and worshiping Me on Sunday also are outward signs of your belief and faith in Me. You need to give good example in your prayer life and charity to those in need. As you hear the beatitudes being read, you can try to incorporate these intentions into your lives. At times you may be called on to witness to your faith on your opinions to support life against abortion, and voting also for those candidates with moral stands. Wars, abortions, and all means of killing people are inspired by the devil, and you need to support life and peace in this world, even though the worldly may criticize you for your wanting to follow My ways instead of man’s ways. You also are called to evangelize souls to help convert them and help in saving their souls from hell. By teaching people to live moral lives following My Commandments, you will have your reward in heaven for your efforts. If people cannot recognize you as Christian in your actions, then you should be changing how you live in witness to My love.”