Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, you have defended your country valiantly in every war that you have fought. After abortion has been allowed in America, I have taken away many of your blessings and protection. You have been misled by Satan’s one world people to start wars that did not involve protecting your people from a first strike. Even now your latest war in Iraq was a pre-empted war that was ill-conceived over faulty intelligence in regard to weapons of mass destruction. Your dragged out wars have caused most of your budget deficits and much loss of life. It is time that your country withdraws from Iraq in an orderly fashion. Stop following the one world people who are leading you into constant useless wars for their own gain. Your country is involved in the Middle East to protect your oil flow which you have become too dependent on to run your country. If you can change your energy policy away from oil dependency, then you would not need to spend your money on foreign oil, nor need to fight wars in this region. Pray for peace in your world from such wars, and a resolution of your financial difficulties.”