Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Jesus said: “My people, you know very well how to come to Me with all of your petitions for your health problems and your physical needs. I know all of your needs before you ask Me, and I will answer what is best for your soul and what you need. Remember how I healed each person from their sins before I healed their infirmities. So when you come to Me for help, come to Me in repentance of your sins first. The body will pass away shortly, but your soul is immortal and is more important to be healed than the body. I will forgive any repentant sinner who is sincere in their prayer from the heart. Then once your soul has been cleansed of its sins, I will address any needed healing of the body. So when My messengers and healers pray over the people, their first concern should be to help that person spiritually in leading them to repentance and Confession. Then pray for intercession from Me in My Name if I should see fit to heal their physical health problems. Even when you see healings, the conversion of the soul should be more praised than any cures of the body.” Jesus said: “My people, this vision of a green alligator with its mouth open is a symbol of the Antichrist as he was about to devour some souls. I will bring graces to My people to protect you from all of these evil ones. The reign of the Antichrist will be brief and this is represented when the alligator turned to stone. I am the One who will bring about his destruction with My Great Chastisement. When the Antichrist is turned to stone and falls to dust, that is when I will defeat him and lead My people into My Era of Peace. You will be able to go to the gates of heaven when you are purified as a saint. So have no fear of the Antichrist and the demons who are trying to subvert My faithful. My protection of the angels will always be with you, even in the trials of the tribulation.”