Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, when you see a bad storm coming, you prepare by moving to a safe place in the basement of your home. If you have time to prepare, you may even put aside some extra food and have flashlights or oil lamps for light if you lose electricity. There is another storm coming, but it is a storm of evil that you must prepare for. I have asked you to put aside some food, fuel, and lighting if you have a famine or you do not have a smart card to buy food before the Antichrist comes to power. Also have your car gassed, bikes ready, and a backpack loaded with your necessities when you will have to leave your home when martial law is declared. I will warn you when it is time to leave so your guardian angel can lead you with a physical sign for the nearest interim or final refuge. Refuges would be at places of My Blessed Mother’s apparitions, places of holy ground that have adored My Blessed Sacrament, faithful monasteries, prayer groups that have stored food, and caves. Once you leave your home for a safe haven, the angels will make you invisible to your persecutors. Just as you prepare for physical storms, so you should be prepared for this spiritual storm in the tribulation. Trust in My protection and My providing for your food and shelter.”
Jesus said: “My people, you need a bridge to get across roaring rivers, and there are many bridges to cross over the difficulties in life. This latest financial crisis also needs a way out through prayer and My help to provide for your needs. This is a dramatic downturn that the one world people could take advantage of for their world takeover. The bridge over the coming tribulation could also come in going to My refuges. I can take bad situations and put them into good outcomes when I allow conversions of people’s souls. Keep close to Me in daily prayer and daily Mass and you will have eternal life which is better than this life of trials.”