Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, this ever flowing brook of water represents My never ending graces that are always available to My faithful in My sacraments. No matter how much you are tormented by people or the devil, you can call on My Name to defend your souls from all evil. Even if your soul is full of deadly sins, you can come to Me in the priest of Confession, and I will cleanse your sins and renew your souls with My sanctifying grace. Once your sins have been forgiven, you will now be worthy to receive Me in Holy Communion. There is no excuse to remain in the darkness of your sins, because you can come to Me in Confession and My Light will disperse the darkness. Only those, who are spiritually lazy, are the lukewarm souls who do not help themselves out of their sin. You have prayer warriors in every family praying for family members who are weak or have fallen away from their faith. But unless these souls make a forward motion to seek forgiveness of their sins, they could be on the broad road to hell. Do what you can to wake up these souls to the reality of heaven and hell, before it may be too late and they die without My grace. Never stop evangelizing souls because you may be their saving grace.”