Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wednesday, October 2, 2013: (Guardian Angel Day)
Mark, my guardian angel, said: “I am Mark, and I stand before God, as I was commanded to watch over you. I want you to be more observant of how I am here to guide you in physical and spiritual ways. When you are looking for direction, or you need some help, you can call on Me through Jesus to help you. When you have a sense of a good intention, it is me prodding you to do the right thing. The more you are in sin, the harder it is to hear me helping you, so keep coming to Confession at least monthly. We are not allowed to interfere with your free will, but learn from your mistakes to do things better out love for God. We angels have a better understanding of God’s Divine Will, and we are trying to guide you on the right path to heaven, and following God’s Will.”

Jesus said: “My people, this vision of a spider on its web is a sign of your internet world wide web. This communication has allowed e-mail to send messages, data, and even movies over this line. It is used by businesses to sell things, and for web sites to post information that is searched by search engines. In your quest for information, there are various organizations that track what you search for, in order to sell you things with copious e-mail ads and even pop-ups. You also see that some people put viruses on the internet to shut you down, or use your computer to send ads. Even your government spy groups watch all of your communications supposedly to catch terrorists or crooks. Your e-mails can be used against you as evidence in trials. Beware of using this system that can be used against you. The evil ones will take over, and control the internet, so the Antichrist will be able to post his picture and commands to seduce you into worshiping him. After the Warning, you need to get rid of all of your electronic devices that are connected to the internet. It is by these devices that these evil ones could track your movements. Without any chips on you, it would be hard to find you. I will also place an invisible shield around you, so they could not even track the chip in your car’s ignition system.”