Wednesday, October 15, 2008: (St. Teresa of Avila)

Jesus said: “My people, every time that you receive Me in Holy Communion, I reside in you sacramentally for a short time as you are like a living tabernacle. This strong feeling of My Light entering into your heart is when you are infused with My graces. Take a proper time to give Me praise and worship after receiving Me in Holy Communion so you can give Me your petitions and your thanks for all that I do for you. Revel in the glory of My countenance in your heart and soul. Today’s feast of St. Teresa is a celebration of her life as a Carmelite nun, and she also was infused with My love and My Divine Word which she expressed so beautifully in her writings. Let her teachings of My love inspire your own hearts to follow her example. I have told you before that this monastery and all faithful monasteries will be places of refuge during the coming tribulation. All places of refuge will have a luminous cross over it, and one of My angels will be seen protecting all who come to My refuges. Have some preparations of food and water there as I will multiply these dwellings and all that you need to eat and drink with My miraculous springs. Give thanks and glory to Me that I will be protecting My faithful from the evil ones. Pray and keep your souls in the state of grace so you will be strengthened to endure this test of your faith.”