Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wednesday, October 14, 2015: (St. Collistus I)
Jesus said: “My people, whenever you buy a new car or a late model used car, you may take pride in how nice it looks. Keep in mind that the things of this world will pass away, which is why I am showing you the old cars in a junkyard. Do not let your possessions become more important than Me in your life. Some people let possessions and money become their gods because they have forgotten Me, or they never wanted to learn about Me. Do not let your pride make you think that you or your possessions are more important than Me. I should be first in your lives, and I desire that you worship only Me before anything or anyone else. You need to put your spiritual priorities before any of your earthly priorities, because your body and this life are passing away. It is the eternal destination for your soul that should be focused on Me in heaven. You were placed here to know, love, and serve Me, but I gave you a free will so you can love Me by your own decision. I criticized the Pharisees and the lawyers because of their hypocrisy in doing everything for show. Everything that you have, I have gifted to you, so you should be worshiping Me, and thanking Me for all that you have received.”

Jesus said: “My son, this vision of a raft as a backup, relates to your backup heating of your house, if you lost power or access to natural gas. You are starting to see the weather get colder, as you are approaching another heating season for the winter. You need to burn a fire in your fireplace to see how much heat you could get in your lower rooms of the first floor. You can also try using your kerosene heater as well. If you need to heat more rooms, you may need to use both sources of heating. I will multiply your fuels when it is needed for heating and cooking. You may want to try your small Coleman stove with a small propane bottle. Having working heaters is essential for keeping people warm in the winter. You may want to look into buying some more warm blankets for forty people to have at least one warm blanket. When the cold of winter comes, you will be happy to have warm blankets and warm coats for the people. Trust in Me to advise you in your current needs. Work on your solar plans so you can be ready to go when your money is available.”