Wednesday, October 14, 2009: (St. Calistus I)

Jesus said: “My people, you have seen bridges collapse and other infrastructures damaged. This vision is a collapse of a tunnel under water that will flood the tunnel. As tunnels age and deteriorate, they need to be upgraded for safety reasons. As a result of the current recession, there is less money to rebuild this kind of infrastructure. The Stimulus funds are politically chosen. The repercussions of a failed tunnel could drown many people. Earthquakes can also cause this kind of a tunnel collapse. Pray that this kind of disaster could be prevented. There is one such event that will occur that will require more care in the future, just as bridges had to be inspected more after the one bridge collapsed.”
Jesus said: “My people, your latest Health Plan is just like an iceberg in that you cannot see all of the increased costs in paying for millions of people who do not have any health insurance. This will collide with your ship of state, and your National Debt will become even worse because there is no way to finance this bill. The few taxes will not cover it, and the savings from cutting Medicare benefits will not cover it either. These legislators are lying to your people. Everyone will not be able to keep their existing plan, and there are not enough doctors to handle more patients. The cost will be much more than mentioned, and the bill writers will again ram a 1,000 page bill through without time to read it. This is nothing but big government taking over your health plan along with buying out banks, car manufacturers, and control of your buying and selling with microchips in your documents. America is headed toward bankruptcy from a weak dollar and too many debts beyond your worth. When the dollar and your markets crash, then you will see a new currency in the ‘amero’ as the North American Union will take over. Prepare to go to your refuges when this takeover occurs, since the evil ones will try to eliminate the religious and patriotic people. Trust in My power that will defeat the Antichrist and the demons.”